Foundation Vision

On September 6, 2011, Kylee Brooke Webster was diagnosed with family photocancer. While it was confirmed somewhat quickly that Kylee’s cancer was a form of sarcoma, it was undifferentiated sarcoma that could not be classified in any way, and would therefore make treatment very difficult.

Kylee bravely battled her disease, never losing hope, always keeping a smile on her face and showing everyone who knew her the true meaning of courage, every step of the way in her journey. On October 11, 2013, a little more than two years after her diagnosis, Kylee earned her angel wings.

In memory of Kylee, and in celebration of the precious gifts of love and friendship she  gave to those who surrounded her, Kylee’s Dancing Angels was founded in 2014 to provide financial support to sarcoma patients who like Kylee, can find their “happy place” even on their darkest and most trying days, by doing the thing they love most. For Kylee, that happiness was found when she was dancing. For others, skating or golfing, or taking a day trip to the beach may do the trick. Every person has a “happy place” and we want to help people who have sarcoma get there.

It is our desire and hope that the work done by Kylee’s Dancing Angels will help sarcoma patients find some level of peace, comfort and happiness in the midst of their journeys with cancer. We also hope that our efforts will raise awareness about sarcoma and the ongoing research efforts that are focused on finding a cure.

We know that Kylee is looking down on us and is proud of what we are doing to help others who have been diagnosed with sarcoma, while also keeping her memory and spirit alive.